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A new dimension in time and space

The astounding Solar Frontier SF-170-S Full Integrated circuit, Copper / Indium / Gallium/ Selenium ( C.I.G.S ) solar P.V panel.  A new dimension in space and time!

New solar technology from Western Australia

Greetings from Perth ; Western Australia. Sublimely beautiful, and technologically advanced, the first wind farms and the first experimental solar power systems originated in W.A. The Goddess “Necessity” is absolutely the mother of invention, so now we bring you a uniquely Western Australian, 24 hour solar power solution based upon our mastery of the elements Nickel, Iron, Copper ,Indium, Gallium and Selenium to form the most enduring and astounding solar power systems ever conceived . 

The advanced Copper / Indium / Gallium / Selenium ( C.I.G.S )  solar panel I am holding, is formed as a one piece Integrated Circuit , from the same company that produces the i7 processor chips for Intel and apple computer. Gone are the myriads of individual crystal cells , wired together 1950’s style like a transistor radio. These latest panels have superior and profound operating characteristics, energy harvest potential and environmental consequences. 

Life time Nickle Iron Batteries only from Unisun

Life time Edison cell battery. 12 Volts x 1100 Ampere hours = 13,200 watt-hours -13.2 kWh

Western Australia’s “Signature Elements” Nickel ( Ni ) and Iron ( Fe ) are amongst the strongest in nature; most of the meteorites that survive fiery entry through the atmosphere to the surface are compounds of nickel and iron. As are the plates of the EDISON storage battery, with a proven design life of 30+ years, equal or better than the solar panels themselves. These mighty battery cells are as solid and enduring as that brick wall behind them. The elements are non toxic and environmentally, form the most sustainable long life battery ever made.

MidNite M.P.P.T solar regulators; Yes ! In this particular case, it is a massive 12 volt energy harvest / storage system that runs the entire building via a VICTRON 5 kilowatt Inverter The electronic equipment ; inverters, regulators and switch gear are all of the utmost durability and serviceability. No cheap high frequency inverters or so called “AC Coupling”. All heavy duty, low frequency, transformer based, stand alone inverters with massive Toroidal Transformers for superior surge rating and motor starting capabilities. Take a look at the digital displays of these “haute couture”. MidNite M.P.P.T  solar regulators; Yes ! In this particular case, it is a massive 12 volt energy harvest / storage system that runs the entire building , via a VICTRON 5 kilowatt Inverter. This  particular system was a special order for a Mr Mike Haydon of Sydney, a 12 Volt enthusiast who wanted to prove that it could be done this way, and it can , most successfully and with enhanced safely as long as the correct cabling and craftsmanship is employed

Mikes place a solar and wind powered home in Sydney New South Wales

This large double storey home on Seven Hills road, Sydney,  operates on a 3 Kilowatt array of the latest technology C.I.G.S solar panels, a massive 13 Kilowatt-Hour Edison battery and a Victron 5 Kilowatt stand alone inverter. The mains supply is completely relegated to a backup function and manually switched to three independent circuit groups, brown goods, white goods and lighting as and when required, which is barely ever except during continuous days of heavy dark clouds. The environmental outcomes of such a system are radically different.
Energetically yours.

Christopher Darker.

Senior Solar Scientist

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