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The Electro-magnetic Spectrum

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Solar Scientist Christopher J Darker holding the very latest development in Photo-Voltaic technology, the SOLAR FRONTIER SF-170-S. This is a 170 watt , full Integrated Circuit C.I.G.S thin film panel. 8pxspace

An astounding breakthrough in Solar P.V. Panels

These amazing new C.I.G.S units respond to the Suns electromagnetic waves more like a broad band radio antenna than a simple crystalline solar panel, with superior spectral response from long wave ( Far Infra-red ) to micro wave lengths. ( U.V ) Yielding enhanced performance and greater energy harvest under all combinations of sky dome conditions. Further more, the Ultra Low Embodied Energy ( U.L.E.E ) of this superlative new Photo-Voltaic technology, renders them the greenest of all by far, repaying the energy debt , embodied in their construction within around three (3) years instead of an entire decade for the vastly more energy intense, mining, smelting, ingot based production of the old crystalline technologies. All this adds up to vastly superior  environmental outcomes from the Advanced Thin Film Panels.
TypePmaxWhrs/dayImaxIscVnom VmpVocDimensionsWeightAUD + GST
TypePmaxWhrs/dayImaxIscVnom VmpVocDimensionsWeightAUD + GST
Technical terms. Pmax. Maximum power at STC . ( 1000 Watts per sq M , Air mass 1.5, 25 Deg C cell temperature ) Whrs / day. Average gross daily Watt-hours collected @ equinox. Temperate climate. 5.5 Peak sun hours. Imp. Amps output at maximum power. Isc. Amps , short circuit. Vnom. Voltage nominal, battery charging. Voc. Voltage open circuit. Australian customers, please add 10% GST Advanced amorphous thin film integrated circuit solar panels The Super C.I.G.S Monolithic Integrated Circuit represents the state of the art in high technology, Photo-Voltaic solar panels. Embodying the minutest amounts of the elements Copper / Indium / Gallium and Selenium, as over 100 Longitudinal , series connected solar cells, formed as a seamless, fully integrated circuit , devoid of failure prone soldered connections . The Japanese government and Showa-Shell / Solar Frontier, one of the worlds most experienced solar cell manufacturers well understood that a more practical, technologically benign solution was required to enable the roll out and implementation of a Global Solar Reality. The new technology panels are manufactured via an advanced , metallic vapour , nano deposition,  in a seamless and continuous, linear, mass production process, employing minimal amounts of materials and energy . The result is a more repeatable , stable and enduring product, suitable for the environmental challenges and requirements of the 21st Century . Christopher J Darker Solar Scientist

A new generation of thin film Solar Frontier panels are coming soon but you can read all about them here

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Herewith is the Spectral Response curves of the competing solar P.V technologies;

  • m-Si = Mono-Crystalline
  • Silicon.a-Si = Amorphous Silicon.
  • CIGS = Copper/Indium/Gallium/ Selenium (Solar Frontier SF-170S)
  • CdTe= Cadmium Telluride.

The Solar Frontier C.I.G.S technology reigns supreme, with a far superior solar sensitivity, extending either side of the spectrum from Far Infra-Red to Ultra- Violet ) What this means is superior solar energy harvest in all weather conditions for overcast to full glaring sun. 8pxspace 8pxspace

New SF170 Solar Panels

Two pallets of SOLAR FRONTIER SF-170 S Advanced C.I.G.S panels . ( 50 units )

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