Regulator 170V-UNI-SUN.mppt

The UNI-SUN 170 V Solar m.p.p.t regulators are a brand new design with some exemplary user friendly features ;
  • Up to 10 : 1  ratio Volt / Amp transposition.
  • Up to 170 Volts D.C Solar input volts
  • Simple programming via internal, miniature DIP switches.
  • Massive passive heat sink gives silent operation
  • Large, extra clear, backlit LCD display.
  • Long range RS-485 data interface for remote LCD display or computer data logging.
  • Auxiliary control output to switch external relay.
  • Used to implement our " Grid Switching System".
ModelBattery voltsInput PV voltsInput ampsOutput ampsPeak WattsAUD+GST
ModelBattery voltsInput PV voltsInput ampsOutput ampsPeak WattsAUD+GST
UNI-SUN 112/24/48 V170 Vmax50 Amax 60 Amax3600 W $1000.00
SWLV-05012/24/48V140 volts40amp50amp3250 W$895.00
SWLV-08012/24/48V140 volts70amp80amp5200 W$1295.00
SWLV-08012/24/48V240 volts70amp80amp5200 W$1795.00
SWLV-16012/24/48V240 volts140amp160amp10400 W$2550.00
SOLAR WONDERLAND tm. M.P.P.T SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM CONTROLLER / REGULATORS. These truly "state of the art", advanced electronic regulators offer the ultimate in solar power system architecture, combined with chameleon like adaptability and energy harvest potential! Can easily save many thousands of dollars in avoided solar energy panels. As the interface between the solar power panels and the energy storage system, (battery) they perform a vital task, ensuring all potential solar energy is absorbed by the battery under varying solar radiation levels and weather conditions. Expect to see gains of 20 to 40% with MPPT regulators, over non MPPT types. MPPT = Maximum Power Point Tracking. It works by manipulating the incoming Volt / Amps ( VA ) from the solar array, by way of its inbuilt D.C to D.C voltage converter. The result is, the solar panels operate on the "knee", or optimum point of their I / V curve., ( Amps verses Volts ) and maximum energy transfer, V/A, ( Volt Amps ) between the solar panels and battery is achieved ! A truly wonderful it not ? Considering the large extra investment in solar panels that it saves.MPPT is realized via resonating electrical and magnetic fields, by way of transistors, capacitors and inductive coils. High speed MOSFET switching transistors are fully software driven. These pulse energy into the capacitive / inductive network, holding up the solar input voltage to its optimal level. The Solar Wonderland Controller features a myriad of other advanced monitoring and control systems, that will in themselves confer a profound educational experience in the operation of your solar power system, including but not limited to the following :
  • Advanced microprocessor control subsystem. Preset options + Fully programmable. Industrial Taiwanese quality design and construction to Australian specifications.
  • Solar Regulator Solar WonderlandHigh power DC to DC voltage converter for optimum battery charging.
  • Selectable battery voltage, 12/24/48 V.
  • Expandable, up to16 units may be connected in parallel.
  • Temperature compensated charging via external battery temp sensor.
  • Input current boost. 20 - 40 %. Depending on panel type.
  • Large , Blue backlit LCD screen for all system parameters. Volts, Amps, amp-hours, Watts, watt-hours.
  • Separate control outputs to implement our "grid switching" system. ( mains / solar )
  • Ability to control wind plants ( via external dump load )
  • Solar input may be double or treble the battery voltage, for reduced line loss and cable costs.
  • Energy harvest history. ( 90 days )
  • High voltage version available, 200 VDC.
  • 3 year hassle free warranty. If you are using a non MPPT type regulator, do yourselves a favor, and watch your dials light up !

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