Solar array mountings

Advanced, heavy duty, ground mounting systems. Specifically designed and developed for UNI-SOLAR BX-65 solar modules. Manufactured from pre-cut lengths of marine grade, white powder coated, "Tensalloy" angle, that is simply rivited together, using the special, heavy duty rivits (supplied) All you need is a cordless drill, and a simple, heavy duty rivit gun. Supplied as simple to erect kits including foundation pieces and comprehensive installation plans. Our sturdy, storm resistant framework, cleverly utilises the immense intrinsic strength of the UNI-SOLAR panels themselves, to form a solid and stable, tri-angulated structure, at economical cost. Create advanced, and efficient, multi angle, "Splayed Array's" by combining multiple frames together. Full and comprehensive instructions and drawings are supplied with each kit. Simply dig shovel width foundations of prescribed depth, and supply a few bags of premix cement of premix cement.
ModelNumber of PanelsLengthWeightAUD+GST
ModelNumber of PanelsLengthWeightAUD+GST
USN-GM-0443 metres60kg$400.00
USN-GM-0883 metres40kg$700.00
USN-GM-12124 metres60kg$1000.00
USN-GM-24244 metres120kg$1700.00
USN-GM-48484 metres240kg$2400.00

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