Inverters: UNI-SUN

VULCAN inverters
These inverters are positively  masterful ! One of the best units we have ever used and thats over the past 25 years or so, since pure sine wave inverters first became available.  Heat is the big enemy of electronic devices and ourinverters have a special internal layout, ( as you can see )coupled with a very potent cooling fan that prevents "hot spots" from forming in the banks of M.O.S.F.E.T transistors, the biggest cause of inverter failure. The average Minimum Time Before Failure ( M.T.B.F ) is over 10 years !
Rear view of the VULCAN inverter, showing the fully shrouded battery input connections, the Turbo cooling fan and the A.C output interface with its cable clamp. The large turbo fan delivers superb performance in high ambient temperatures like the Australian outback, by ensuring the transistors and the transformer run coolly. This also promotes longevity. Average lifespan is over 10 years !
Heat sink view                 A view of the VULCAN'S main power board with it's 4 rows of M.O.S.F.E.T, switching transistors bolted to their heat sinks. Lurking beneath is the massive 10 KVA toroidal transformer, which steps up the 50 HZ "switched" battery voltage to the nominal 240 volts A.C. The transformer also stores electromagnetic energy to provide excellent surge ability for starting and running large inductive loads such as compressors and pumps. Main power board                 Main internal view of the S.A.E VULCAN 6000 watt inverter. The battery + & - connections are on the left. In the foreground, the small vertical board comprises the main microprocessor and 50 HZ timebase oscillator. This provides a "clock stable" drive signal to the M.O.S.F.E.T power switching board, shown with its twin 150 Amp fuses on top. We trust that these photos give you some idea of the advanced layout and construction of this superb piece of equipment. We assure you that you will not find a better, more rugged or reliable unit regardless of price.  UNI-SUN 350_650_6000 Inverters                         The VOLTRON 3000, ( top ) and the OPTIMUS 3000 stackable unit, exposing it's parallel interface and data ports.
AntOm 350
The AntOm 350 is a powerful and compact micro inverter, constructed to the same heavy duty , Marine standard as our larger UNI-SUN AC / DC inverter range. AntOm 350 delivers up to 350 watts of pure, stable 240 Volt power for
important computer, electronics and lighting systems at home and or in the field / mobile / camping etc.
AntOm 350 is for use with an average car sized 12 volt battery and one or two 100 watt, light weight solar panels, It is also available for use with 2 x 12 Volt batteries wired in series . ( 24 Volt system )
This is a proven & precision micro inverter that can operate / recharge  crucial  240 V appliances at home, on the road and in the field. Durable long life, environmental unit of advanced manufacture and design!
Low cost shipment, speedy air courier. 100 % Full replacement Warranty.
dimensions L315 W137 H90 mm.     weight 3500 mg. ( milligrams )
ALL MODELS TRUE SINE WAVED.C Input voltsContinuous power rating @ 25 deg C30 mins rating 5 Sec surge rating AUD$+GST
ALL MODELS TRUE SINE WAVED.C Input voltsContinuous power rating @ 25 deg C30 mins rating 5 Sec surge rating AUD$+GST
MICRON 150-1212v150 watts170 watts300 watts$363.00 + GST
ANTOM 350-1212v350 watts400 watts600 watts$500.00 + GST
ANTOM 350-1224v350 watts400 watts600 watts$500.00 + GST
DRONE 650-1212v650 watts730 watts1300 watts$726.00 + GST
DRONE 650-2424v650 watts730 watts1300 watts$726.00 + GST
HARRIER 1200-1212v1200 watts1320 watts2400 watts$900.00 + GST
HARRIER 1200-2424v1200 watts1320 watts2400 watts$900.00 + GST
HARRIER 1200-4848v1200 watts1400 watts2400 watts$1000.00 + GST
RAPTOR 1800-12 12V1800 watts 2000 watts3600 watts$1363.00 + GST
RAPTOR 1800-24 24V1800 watts2000 watts3600 watts$1363.00 + GST
RAPTOR 1800-48 48V1800 watts2100 watts3600 watts$1500.00 + GST
PHANTOM 3000-1212V3000 watts3200 watts6000 watts$2272.00 + GST
PHANTOM 3000-2424V3000 watts3200 watts6000 watts$2272.00 + GST
PHANTOM 3000-4848 V3000 watts3200 watts6000 watts$2500.00 + GST
VULCAN 6000-2424v 6000 watts 6500 watts 12000 watts $5000.00 + GST
VULCAN 6000-4848v 6000 watts 6500 watts 12000 watts $5000.00 + GST
Australian customers, please add 10% GST # = Built in battery charger
Power System Accessories
The Automatic Transfer Switch, or A.T.S, provides seamless, glitch free switchover between an Inverter and a back up petrol generator. Switchover will not occur, until the petrol generator has achieved the correct rotational speed (hertz ) and voltage.
Switching then occurs rapidly, in only 10 milliseconds, protecting sensitive computer, video and audio components, large Plasma and LCD / LED screens, fridge compressors, motors etc etc.
The unit has a Master AC input, a slave A.C input and an A.C output, all hard wired via a rear accessible terminal strip. This is a genuine 40 Amp Transfer Switch, so thats 240 Volts x 40 Amps = 9.6 Kilowatts.
 An A.T.S does save you many thousands of dollars of "Non blown up" equipment, whilst generating power with multiple, switched energy supplies. ( Genset / Inverter )
  A.T.S.40Amp   Chris Darker Solar Scientist        

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