Battery chargers

AC / DC Digital super chargers for domestic and industrial energy systems. Our Digital Super Chargers deliver unparalleled efficiency and sophistication for charging batteries from mains or generators. rated at > 87% efficiency at full load, these remarkable units consume 30% less input energy than our standard transformerless chargers, and 70% less energy than old fashioned transformer types. They revolutionise the dynamics and costs of charging batteries from mains or generator power, and storing and converting this energy as required, todo useful work, either directly as D.C, or via an inverter as A.C. Advanced features.
  • Fully protected against short circuit, overload and reverse polarity.
  • Multi function red led display for Amps, Volts, Amp-hours, Percent charge.
  • Fully microprocessor controlled, four stage charge cycle.
  • Pulse charge function with adjustable pulse clock delivers extra stored energy and defeats sulphation effects, maximising overall battery efficiency and life.
AC / DC Digital super chargers for domestic and industrial energy systems  

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