Project Mercury-1.5 kWh

Mercury a very hot little planet

              1500 WATT-HOURS. (1.5 kWh) daily average energy production @ equinox * PERTH WA. Mediterranean climate. 5.5 Peak Sun Hours @ equinox. ( 2000 watt-hours Summer. 1000 watt-hours Winter ) Explore the galaxy of possibilities of 24 HOUR SOLAR POWER, with the endless environmental euphoria of Thomas Edison’s astounding LIFETIME Nickel-Iron cell. Project Mercury is scaled to operate a basic humanoid existence with aplomb! But without Pb, Li or other toxic metals that rot down and require replacement within a few orbits around the central fusion reactor. ( The Sun ) Typical Appliances Load Small refrigerator / freezer. Small washing machine. Small LED T.V or stereo. 5 x 15 watt LED’s 1 x  Laptop computer. 1 x  Phone charger. System Components 3   x   140 watt Advanced Thin Film C.I.G.S  Solar Panels. Superior performance in high temperates and in cloudy weather due to enhanced Far Infra Red response. 1   x   SOLAR M.P.P.T Battery charge controller. 1   x   LIFETIME 12 VOLT 1500 WATT-HOUR Edison Battery. 1   x   High Quality VICTRON 1200 watt Inverter. 2   x   Manual Changeover Switches 1   x   Wiring and installation kit including full circuit diagram. Total system price $  4995.  NOTE: System may be simply expanded as required. The system includes two (2) x manual change over switches for the main power board. These are standard DIN rail, three position, centre off change overswitches to select SolarBatteryInverter OR Mains supply. All Simple Simon stuff. No rocket science. When or if the battery supply becomes low, due to overcast conditions then simply throw the appliance circuits back to mains supply until the weather conditions improve or reduce the electrical load. There should always be enough energy for the lighting circuit with due diligence and the amazing EDISON Nickel Iron battery cannot be destroyed by over charging or discharging. You may also connect up an optional auxiliary battery charger to keep the system running continuously from mains backup as a Uninterruptible Power Supply, or you may add on a small wind generator or extra panels , or even parallel another row of battery cells. The system is very flexible and expandable and the ideal  place to start learning about non toxic, long life , battery based home energy systems. Lifetime NiFe Batteries
Energetically yours. 
Christopher J Darker.
Solar Scientist.