Project Venus – 3 kWh


              Daily average production @ Equinox. * PERTH WA. Mediterranean climate. 5.5 Peak Sun Hours @ equinox. (4000 watt-hours Summer. 2000 watt-hours Winter) Fall hopelessly in love with solar / battery power with Project VENUS. With it’s amazing, next generation, full Integrated Circuit , Ultra wide band C.I.G.S solar panels and LIFETIME Nickel Iron Edison battery, be assured of superlative performance in all weather conditions for decades , without further costs or environmental compromise. The solar panels and battery cells are agedly compatible  ( 25 - 30 years ) and are of negligible toxicity , a marriage made in environmental heaven. Typical appliances Load Refrigerator / freezer Blender / juicer. Efficient front load washing machine ( cold cycle ) Medium LCD T.V . Small Audio system. Laptop computer. Laser printer. Phone chargers. 8 x 15 watt LED’s System Components 6   x   140 Watt , Next Generation C.I.G.S Solar Panels. Superior performance in high temperatures and in cloudy weather due to enhanced Far Infra-Red response. 1   x   M.P.P.T Battery charge controller. 1   x   LIFETIME 24 VOLT 3000 WATT-HOUR  Nickel-Iron, Edison Battery. 1   x   High Quality VICTRON 3000 watt Inverter. 2   x   Manual Changeover Switches. 1   x   Wiring and installation kit including full circuit diagram. Total system price  $ 8995. NOTE :  This amazing system may be derived by simple expansion from PROJECT MERCURY. The reason being that the integrity and life of the Edison battery is not compromised by adding battery cells from an early epoch because of their incredible durability and strength. So you may simply add extra battery cells either in series. to increase voltage, or in parallel to increase amp-hours. For this reason, the PLANETS SUITE systems truly are scaleable and expandable , unlike systems utilising inferior lead / acid or lithium batteries. This system includes two (2) x manual change over switches for the main power board. These are standard DIN rail, three position, centre off, change over switches, to select SolarBatteryInverter OR the mains supply, independently as and when required. All Simon Simon met a pieman stuff . No rocket science ; however, the switching may be done automatically if you wish,  with the addition of our Automatic Switch that we have devised for the purpose over many years with great success.  It is called an Automatic Changeover Contactor. You may also connect up an optional high efficiency , digital battery charger to keep the system operating continuously from mains backup as an Uninterruptible Power Supply.(Without having to operate any changeover switches)  The digital battery charger (D.B.C) is over 85% efficient  (AC into DC) thus can be used to great manipulative effect, particularly if OFF PEAK power metering is available . Watt this essentially means is that you would be running continuously off of Inverter / battery energy , which is generally smoother and cleaner than raw mains power . I guarantee that you will love VENUS.  She may even take you to MARS! Venus-and-panelsEnergetically yours. Christopher J Darker. Solar Scientist.