Project Earth – 6 kWh

PROJECT EARTH. 10 Kilowatt-hours.             Superlative Semi Standalone, domestic solar electricity station for the enlightened consumer seeking the ultimate in energy empowerment and control and who understands that 24 hour solar power is imperative to have any real environmental impact at all. PROJECT EARTH is the outcome of meticulous prototype testing at Armadale in Western Australia, the Origin and home of Solar Species . With its advanced, Next Generation, Copper / Indium / Gallium / Selenium ( C.I.G.S ) solar panels and LIFETIME Nickel-Iron Edison cell battery, PROJECT EARTH defines the Haute Couture in state of the art Solar Technology, environmental sustainability and exceptional long term value for money.
Typical Appliance Load
400 litre refrigerator / freezer.
7kg front load washer.
Micro wave oven.
Fry pan
3 ceiling fans
Vacuum cleaner.
100 watt  RMS sound system
2 x Lap top computers
Laser printer.
Phone chargers etc.
Power tools.
LED Lighting.
System Components
11  x  140 Watt  Next Generation C.I.G.S solar panels. 1540 Peak Watts. Superior performance in high temperatures and also cloudy weather due to enhanced Far Infrared response. Genuine IntegratedCircuit construction yields exceptional lifespan and aesthetics . 1  x  Aluminium roof mounting kit. 1  x  Maximum Power Point Tracking solar charge controller. ( M.P.P.T ) 1  x  LIFETIME 48 Volt 6000 watt-hour ( 6 kWh ) Nickel-Iron EDISON battery. 1  x  Slim line, four tier high , alloy battery rack. 1  x  Quality VICTRON 5000 watt inverter. ( 10,000 watt 5 second surge rating ) 1  x  1400 watt Digital Battery Charger. 85 % AC to Dc conversion efficiency. Enables to system to operate as full Uninterruptable Power Supply with appropriate mains time switch. 3  x  Manual Changeover Switches for mains AC power board. 1  x  Wiring and installation kit including full circuit diagram. Total System Price $16,995
NOTE: This Archetypal Futurist Grade, Solar Home Energy System is for the true believer who believes that spiritual energy is the greatest force in the cosmos, an incredible multi-versal, trans-dimensional web like network that links the entire universe in a Matrix like manner.
If you are a small family and have a deep love for your home planet and desire to break free and learn about the astounding nickel-iron battery and latest C.I.G.S solar cells then your right on course for Alpha Centuri . These are original and proprietary system designs from a genuine Solar pioneering company founded in rural Western Australia in the early 1980’s, in many respects the birth place of the industry. The heart of our systems is the astounding, non toxic Nickel-Iron battery which has a lifespan of the same time frame as the solar panels themselves. (25 to 30 years or more). No other type of solar rechargeable battery can offer such enduring environmental effect or cost benefits for the future. The battery can be readily expanded in parallel rows over time, with out damage to the original set and is practically impossible to destroy by under or over charging. Lead Acid and Lithium batteries do not have these succinct advantages.
The system also includes three (3) x manual change over switches for the main power board.
These are standard, DIN rail mounting, three position, centre off, changeover switches to select SolarBatteryInverter OR the mains supply independently as an when required by the home energy minister or her advisor. For example , during cloudy conditions, some power points, designated as non priority, can be switched back to mains supply until the battery charge voltage has recovered when the sun shines again . lol. This is technical English by the way.
It’s quite difficult to explain. You may also choose to switch on the backup Digital Battery Charger ( D.B.C ) which can keep your entire home running smoothly via the BatteryInverter system, which acts as a filter, protecting raw mains supply surges or disturbances from damaging sensitive appliances. The D.B.C is powered by the mains of course but only when required in sustained cloudy weather , or you can choose to leave it off and run some appliances direct from the mains occasionally. The system is very flexible and once you start using it and have some familiarity with the equipments its quite fun and extremely educational . In the final analysis you truly will understand the what a watt-hour is ( energy) for the first time and
this will have profound implications on your energy bill which basically will practically cease to exist.  Full automatic operation of all changeover switches can be accomplished if required.
Energetically yours.
Christopher J Darker
Solar Scientist
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