Project Mars – 12 kWh

Mars Hbble

            Mars, the red planet; Roman god of war, and your family can declare war and interdict spiralling electricity prices and corporate energy skullduggery as governments grapple with intractable greenhouse gas emissions and a steepening atmospheric temperature gradient. I’m afraid they didn’t react anywhere near fast enough or sincerely enough because the parliament was never designed to handle such dire and terminal events and risks for future generations. If it was actually a war, they would already have lost it so the lesson learn here is that that Mother Earth expects every resident to do their duty, and to take matter’s into their own hands by becoming their own ministers of energy. Every home a starship, every crew member a scientist! (in their own humble way) And the answer is D.I.Y Solar Power, to try and avoid a Polar Shower, because if that happens it will likely trigger a runaway green house effect with disastrous consequences. So to Arms citizens !  Get your advanced thin film solar panels and Lifetime nickel-iron Edison cells, learn about the kilowatt-hour and minimise power grid dependency. In that way, your battery based system becomes the prime mover and the power grid is relegated to backup status, instead of the other way around with the simple, grid feed, energy slavey systems.
Typical Appliance Load (example)
400 Litre Refrigerator / Freezer.
One horsepower split air conditioner.
(preferably with solar thermal assisted evaporator)
7 kg fron load washer.
Microwave oven.
Small pyroelectric oven.
Vacuum cleaner.
100 watt RMS sound system.
2 x lap top computers.
Laser printer
Phone chargers etc.
Power tools.
LED lighting.
System components
22   x   140 watt Next Generation Copper / Indium / Gallium / Selenium solar panels.(C.I.G.S) 3080 Peak Watts.  Super broad band radiation response sees more of the Sun’s radiant energy in all weather conditions including clouds. Parallel Integrated Circuit construction avoids serious shadow drop outs. Equal or better than 4000 watts of old fashioned crystalline panels .
1   x   Maximum Power Point Tracking , solar charge regulator. ( M.P.P.T ) 1   x   LIFETIME  48 Volt 12,000 watt-hour ( 12 KWH ) Nickel Iron EDISON battery. 1   x   SLIMLINE . Four tier high, alloy battery rack. 1   x   Quality VICTRON 5000 watt inverter. ( 10,000 watt 5 second surge rating ) Note: a second unit may be added in Master / Slave configuration to increase to 10,000 watt continuous power rating. 2   x  1400 watt Digital Battery Chargers. 85% AC to DC conversion efficiency. Enables the system to operate as a non stoppable Uninterruptible Power Supply with appropriate time switch or low battery alarm trigger settings.3   x  Manual Changeover Switches for mains AC power board . Allows certain heavier non priority loads to be switched back to mains power in sustained cloudy weather if desired, instead of running auxiliary digital battery chargers. 1    x  Wiring and installation kit including full circuit diagram.
TOTAL SYSTEM PRICE     $  26,995
NOTE : This system is for a larger family with quite a high energy demand, bearing in mind that with battery based solar energy systems one should take all steps to reduce excessive electrical consumption that are presented by electric storage hot water systems, swimming pool pumps, large wall ovens and heaters ; if these are part of the scenario then some of them can just be left onto mains power only. The point being that if you can address most of your critical and primary load appliances with the battery based system then it is simply a matter of time before you begin to fully understand your options regarding  smarter uses of electrical appliances and reducing consumption. Invariably we find that after say a 12 month period , most customers have reduced their peak electrical load by a substantial amount just by living off of battery power and taking an interest in watt is going on with such.
All of the Planet’s Suite systems are capable of country style, fully stand alone operation, without any mains connection at all, but if you go fully stand alone, then you must increase the battery capacity to give extra days of storage. A fully stand alone system with a Nickel Iron battery would normally have 4 to 5 days of energy storage capacity. Thus ,this Mar’s system would have at least 48 KWH of storage. ( 4 x 12 KWH average daily use = 48 KWH ) This would be half the amount required if you were attempting to use a conventional Lead Acid battery, because in that case you should always stay above 50% discharge to prevent plate sulphation.  With the  Nickel - Iron battery, practically all of the storage capacity is useable , so it may be greatly reduced in capacity. All in all, the advantage of NiFe is not very much more expensive for a battery that can outlast the solar panels themselves.
Christopher J Darker
Solar Scientist.