Project Jupiter – 50 kWh

Jupiter by juno

                  PROJECT JUPITER    50 kWh @ equinox. Mighty JUPITER!  Protector of the planet Earth; almost a second sun. Power multiple dwellings or one singular debasement of energy gluttony worthy of Caligula himself , with this De-Luxe all electric, three phase home energy system. Power multiple refrigerators , cooking appliances, air conditioners and swimming pool. Even slaves quarters or three phase workshop etc with this amazing solar power system including the latest solar panels and LIFETIME Edison Nickel-Iron battery, with an incredible lifespan of 30 years or more. On a par with the solar panels themselves. 60   x   SOLAR FRONTIER SF-170S Advanced Amorphous Thin Film C.I.S Solar panels. 10 KW. $ 19,800 60 x 170 = 10’200 watts x 5.5 Peak Sun Hours = 56’100 Watt-Hours daily average energy harvest at EQUINOX.  State of the art , full Integrated Circuit ( one piece ) Copper / Indium / Selenium solar cells. ( C.I.S ) Ultra-Wide band , solar radiation response , down to Far Infra-Red yields superior performance under cloudy skies give superior electrical energy production in all weather conditions over standard units. Voted best solar panels in Europe of 2016. 3   x   SOLARMASTER 300 AMP M.P.P.T Solar Battery Charging Regulator Set $4,500 Total maximum AMPS charging into battery as Master + 2 Slaves = 300 AMPS.An M.P.P.T., ( Maximu m Power Point Tracking ) regulator, is analogo us to an automatic transmission / drive train; ensuring that maximum solar AMPS is transferred from the PV panels to the battery under varying battery state of charge and sunlight. 40   x   UNI-SUN 600 AMP-HOUR EDISON CELLS ( Nickel-Iron ) $ 25’000 50 Volts x 600 A/H = 30’000 watt-hours ( 30 KWH ) of bullet proof energy storage. Yield superior economic and environmental outcomes over Lithium units. Nickel / Iron is the most durable of electrical accumulators , practically impossible to destroy and will outlast a Lithium battery by decades. Nickel Iron = Ultimate Battery Sustainability and life. 3   x   STAR-DRIVE SEAP-48-3K8 DC-AC INVERTERS.  High Surge .Three Phase Set. $13,000 11.4 KW continuous rating. 13.2 KW @ 0.5 Hrs. 31 KW 5 secs surge. Absolutely rock solid Aussie technology from one of the principal founders of the True Sine Wave DC to AC inverter, which was in fact a Swiss  electronics team from Biel, back in 1993. We placed hundreds of these units through the outback areas over twenty years have with no reported failures.   TOTAL SYSTEM PRICE AUD 62,300. PLUS INSTALLATION IF REQUIRED   father sun holy ghost                           MULTIPLE “EVEREST” 3.8 KW INVERTERS SYNCHRONISED AS A THREE PHASE SET. 11.4 Kilowatts continuous rating. I supplied and installed this set in March 1997 for my clients Christopher and Barbera Mercer of Dongara, Western Australia. As of November 2016 the system has been operating flawlessly for almost twenty (20) years. The definition of reliability and sustainability and a credit to their Australian manufacturer. The system owners are happy to bear their testimony on request to interested parties. Large-Jupiter-house