All about the Planet Suite

The Planet Suite Artwork by Nicholas Darker

THE "PLANET'S SUITE" 10 Planets, 10 New energy standards for home and industry.

          See Chris Darker by daylight                               Our revolutionary Grid Switched* solar power systems incorporate energy storage batteries to deliver superior, stable electrical supply. They do not feed energy into the grid. The grid is used with discretion and as a backup, the control system automatically switching between mains supply and  solar / battery / inverter depending on prevailing circumstances, and the state of charge of the battery. After decades of experience, we feel this is the way forward; i.e., quality energy storage on premises, providing distributed "base load", a sense of ownership and enabling electricity grids to become more reliable, cellular and efficient. Smart Grid, as opposed to Dumb Grid! Many prominent scientists and engineers are of the same view. Energy and matter are one ! Thus we can manipulate energy with matter or matter with energy. The former is superior as in the case of Organic Solar Architecture. All generating capacities are average daily, nett into loads ( after losses ) at mid season equinox, based on an average daily solar radiation input ( insolation) of 5.5 peak sun hours, typical of Mediterranean climates such as Perth, Western Australia. Lat 32 degrees South.

Australian customers please add 10%

* “Grid Switched” is the term I have coined, to describe the operation of my proprietory solar energized, building scale, Uninterruptible Power Supply. (U.P.S ) Thus it becomes a Solar Uninterruptible Power Supply (S.U.P.S) ! It is a “Non grid feeding system”, which value adds the precious solar resource, by it’s intelligent and selective application within the building. As well as generating energy, it substantially enhances the lifespan of valuable and sensitive appliances. These are often mysteriously damaged over time, by a corrupt and volatile mains supply, contaminated with harmonic distortions, surges and voltage spikes, induced by high power, neighboring equipments, such as air conditioning compressors, arc welders etc. Grid switched systems supply certain power points with solar electricity, and other power points from the mains. Non priority appliances automatically revert to mains power depending on weather conditions and state of charge of the energy storage system ( battery), leaving priority circuits such as computers, lighting, office equipment, communications etc continuously on pure, stable solar power. Grid switched systems, because they can be electrically isolated from the mains, provide an “electrical firewall”,in “solar mode”, protecting sensitive, valuable appliances from damaging mains borne disturbances and outages. Grid Switched mega switch This is a high power D.P.D.T ( Double Pole Double Throw ) automatic changeover switch, or relay. Also known as a contactor .  The unit is shown at rest, with the control coil de-energised. Thus the armature springs upward , selecting the mains 240 VAC supply, coming in on the far right hand side terminals and routing it through to the far left hand side output terminals. The electrical energy would thence flow to particular circuits on the main AC switchboard as shown in the circuit diagram. When a low voltage D.C control signal is applied to the electro-magnetic coil in the centre of the unitthe armature is pulled down into the energised position. Now the Inverter 240 VAC supply is selected to power the building via the solar / battery system.  This is a massive “old school”, open framed contactor proven to be the best in this particular application over a twenty year period. It has a pair of genuine 30 Amp contacts with an extra large air gap to prevent the possibility of the 240 VAC mains blowing up all the M.O.S.F.E.T’s in the inverter by jumping or arcing across the air gap if the two unsynchronised peaks of the AC sine waves happen to be co incident in time , thus doubling to almost 500 volts. Another thing about these open framed units is that the contacts are visible to the eye and thus the C or switches in your brain,  imparting profound enlightenment and comprehension . Furthermore, the contacts are serviceable over their many years of operation and may be simply cleaned with fine emery cloth or glass paper if required. Non of the forgoing is realisable with standard DIN rail mount devices. Free standing Switchboard-integrated Solarmatic schematica Christopher Darker. Solar scientist. Don't Sell Solar Power down the drain