Greetings and welcome to Solar Technology SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO. P.O BOX 8338, SUBIACO EAST.  WA 6008 Ph 0456 211 865 Your online Solar Power Station Contact me                                             We specialise in stand alone and semi-stand alone solar power and wind power systems based on Thomas Edisons amazing Nickel-Iron super battery , with a life span exceeding all other equipments. 50 years lifespan is reasonable to expect but they have been known to last up to 100 years.  We are one of the original solar pioneering companies from the 1980’s . Founded in country Western Australia. Our primary orbits of operation are Sydney and Perth. We refuse to feed energy back into the grid networks. After many years of observation we feel it is primarily a political solution and can never do much to shut down coal power stations . To do such a thing requires that the energy being stored, regulated and conditioned with intelligent use. Value added 24 hour solar power. Thats the answer. I look forward to receiving your enquiries. Christopher J Darker Solar Scientist Ph 0456 211 865   SOLAR-TECHNOLOGY