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OPzV Series For Solar Power Systems Application The EPBLUE® OPzV Series Maintenance-free Sealed Lead Acid Battery should be used for solar systems, telecommunications, large UPS, wind power systems and related storage energy fields. Using high-purity raw materials to ensure month rate of self-discharge≤1.5%; using fumed silicon dioxide electrolyte, via high-speedmixing and vacuum liquid injection equipment into battery, evenly distributed, no layering and leakage.
Large capacity, excellent heat-resistant property, superior cycle performance and deep discharge recovery, maintenance free, gas recombination efficiency is higher than 95%, design float charging service life is up to 20 years. In the course of normal float use, stable capacity and low decay rates, outstanding sealing performance, no gas permeability, and non-pollution to assure that is an environment-friendly product. Excellent safety, special separator, high porosity, low resistance and internal resistance of copper pole to ensure the security of large current discharge without heat with high reliability, suitable for used in hot and harsh environment.
ModelVoltsNominal CapacitySize mmWeight kgTerminal AUD $ Plus GST
ModelVoltsNominal CapacitySize mmWeight kgTerminal AUD $ Plus GST
OPzV2-2002200 Ah103 x 206 x 390 16.5F 10$ 180
OPzV2-2502250 Ah124 x 206 x 390 21.00F 10$ 225
OPzV2-3002300 Ah145 x 206 x 39023.50F 10$ 270
OPzV2-3502350 Ah124 x 206 x 50629.00F 10$ 315
OPzV2-4202420 Ah145 x 206 x 50634.00F 10$ 378
OPzV2-4902490 Ah166 x 206 x 50639.00F 10$ 441
OPzV2-6002600 Ah145 x 210 x 68147.00F 10$ 540
OPzV2-8002800 Ah191 x 210 x 68164.00F 10$ 720
OPzV2-100021000 Ah233 x 210 x 68178.50F 10$ 900
OPzV2-120021200 Ah275 x 210 x 68192.50F 10$ 1080
OPzV2-150021500 Ah275 x 210 x 831115.00F 10$ 1350
OPzV2-200022000 Ah399 x 214 x 807159.00F 10$ 1800
OPzV2-250022500 Ah487 x 212 x 807 193.00F 10$ 2250
OPzV2-300023000 Ah576 x 212 x 807232.00F 10$ 2700